What Is The Church?

What is the Church? A Sacred Building? Geographic location, getting your needs met, Doing Spiritual things? Matthew 18 -two or more – defines church discipline not church The visible church where ever we see the word of God Preached and the sacrament’s taken.  — John Calvin The Church is doing… Read more »

How Will I Fill My Mind with Truth?

The life of the disciple is the life of a learner. We are to constantly fix our eyes and ears to the Master. He teachers us through His word. Our goal as a disciple is never to just believe God’s Word; the goal is to obey God’s Word. 1. How… Read more »

How Will I Fuel My Affections for God?

There is a dangerous tendency for discipline in the disciple’s life to become mechanical and monotonous. Our aim is not simply to know God; our aim is to love God, and the more we read His Word, the more we delight in His glory. Our aim in other spiritual disciplines… Read more »

His Bread, His Cup, God’s Wrath for You

Mark 24:22-25 Isaiah 13:9-13 9 Look, the day of the LORD is coming— cruel, with rage and burning anger— to make the earth a desolation and to destroy the sinners on it. 10 Indeed, the stars of the sky and its constellations will not give their light. The sun will… Read more »