How Will I Spread God’s Glory Among All Peoples?

How Will I Spread God’s Glory among All Peoples? The eternal purpose of God is to save people through Christ. The clear commission of Christ for every single disciple is to make disciples not just generally, but of all nations. So regardless of where you live, how is your life… Read more »

What Is The Church?

What is the Church? A Sacred Building? Geographic location, getting your needs met, Doing Spiritual things? Matthew 18 -two or more – defines church discipline not church The visible church where ever we see the word of God Preached and the sacrament’s taken.  — John Calvin The Church is doing… Read more »

How Will I Fill My Mind with Truth?

The life of the disciple is the life of a learner. We are to constantly fix our eyes and ears to the Master. He teachers us through His word. Our goal as a disciple is never to just believe God’s Word; the goal is to obey God’s Word. 1. How… Read more »

How Will I Fuel My Affections for God?

There is a dangerous tendency for discipline in the disciple’s life to become mechanical and monotonous. Our aim is not simply to know God; our aim is to love God, and the more we read His Word, the more we delight in His glory. Our aim in other spiritual disciplines… Read more »