SHBC Update – August 24, 2020

Due to the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

As we at Seminole Heights continue to follow the recommendations of our national, state and local leaders who have asked that we have limited face-to-face contact, we will do so with face coverings while maintaining a six foot (6’) social distance both while standing or sitting together before, during, and after worship.

Sunday morning Protocols:

  1. When attending church, everyone as either a family group or individual will fill out form regarding recent travels and illness.
  2. Everyone individually will have temperatures checked. Please note that any individual having a temperature reading of 100.4° or higher, will immediately be asked to leave the property as required the local CDC guidelines.
  3. Seating then will be by family or individually and will be done by one group at a time either by family or by individual from front to back of the worship center.
  4. At the conclusion of the service, the congregation will be dismissed opposite from back to front and one row at a time.

Access to the worship center will be on a first come – first serve bases due to social distancing guidelines. With that, we will continue to host our Sunday messages online alone with the addition of personal face-to-face worship on Sunday mornings.

Additionally, in order to foster community, we are offering the following:

Sundays and Weekdays:

Adult Small Group Bible Studies contact:

Youth Small Group Bible Studies contact:

Children’s Ministry Small Group Bible Studies contact:

Preschool and Children’s Ministries are now available both online and face-to-face during the Worship service.
Parent information:

  1. Kid’s zoom time has shifted from Sunday afternoon at 4pm to now at 11:30am.
  2. All staff/workers are face shields or masks.
  3. Children older than two must wear a face shield or mask for safety.
  4. We will have our weekly challenges that relate to our lessons. So, please encourage your children on zoom to participate as we participate face-to-face!
  5. In face-to-face, we are using hula hoops spaced out to sit in as we enter our room for opening game time. Then we use those hula hoops to walk in line to keep some distance apart.
  6. We have all kids and adults using hand sanitizer as they enter and leave a room.

How to view online:

We use the Zoom Phone App for small group meetings and prayer time. We also use Webcast services for social media apps and YouTube. Watch for upcoming links on this page.

We will continue to monitor the situation and keep you informed. Please, continue to check back here for updates.