How Will I Make Disciple-Makers of a Few People?

How will I model obedience?

As you focus your life on the few people God has given you, they need to see and hear and sense the life of Christ in you. Making disciple makers involves saying to them: “Follow me.” So identify intentional ways in which you will serve them and model before them what it means to follow Christ. Include here specific ways that you will intentionally guard and cultivate purity and Christlikeness in your thoughts and actions as a disciple of Jesus who is making disciples of Jesus.

  • Be Bold for Christ!
  • Be consistent in your faith!

1 Corinthians 11:1

How will I send them out?

The goal is not just for these few people you are focused on to follow Jesus; the goal is for them to lead other people to follow Jesus. So think through how you will commission those few to begin making disciples. And consider how you will serve them as you send them out.

Matthew 10:1-15

John 13:8

Matthew 28:16-20

How Will I Make Disciple Makers among a Few People?

Jesus spent his life investing in a few people. His strategy for reaching all peoples was clear: make disciple-makers among a few people. God will lead us to live in all kinds of different places in the world. Yet regardless of where we live, the task we have is the same. No Christian is excused from the command to make disciples, and no Christian would want to escape that command. So every one of us looks around and asks, “How will I make disciple-makers among a few people?”


How will I bring them in?

Consider two, three, or four people God has put in your sphere of influence whom you can lead to make disciples. Then invite those few people to spend intentional time with you in the days ahead for the express purpose of growing in Christ together.

Jesus identified whom he would pursue!

Matthew 4:18-22

How will I teach them to obey?

Think through how you can teach the few people your life is focused on how to obey everything Christ has commanded you. Focus on seeing their transformation. You might start by using these questions to lead them to develop their own disciple-making plans.

Paul and Timothy

  1. Parent hood (1 Timothy 1:2)
  2. Pacesetting (2Timohty 3:10-11)
  3. Partnering (Romans 16:21)

We must multiply this until Jesus returns!