What Is The Church?

What is the Church?

  • A Sacred Building?
    • Geographic location, getting your needs met,
  • Doing Spiritual things?
    • Matthew 18 -two or more – defines church discipline not church
    • The visible church where ever we see the word of God Preached and the sacrament’s taken.  — John Calvin
  • The Church is doing what Jesus did, by the power of the same Holy Spirit. It is the work of the Holy Spirit for those who belong to Jesus.
    • Everything that happens in the church follows the preaching!

Acts 2: 14 ,32-40

  • Church is about Jesus, not YOU!
  • Jesus is God, and the Church belongs to Him for his pleasure NOT YOURS!

Acts 2:41 – 47

  • The Church is Jesus people by the power of the Holy Spirit!
    • In the original language, Church means assembly; we are Jesus’ assembly.


4 Signs I am a Church Member

  1. Regenerated Jesus has changed you. ( Saul became Paul)
    • Opposite of religion.
  2. Qualified leadership
    • 1 Peter 5, there are leaders in the church that we subordinate ourselves to. 1 Timothy 3,
  3. Gathering for preaching and worship! – Jesus must be the centerpiece!
    •  God is giver we are the recipient, we stop doing and receive Grace
    • Gathering is a priority!
  4. Unified by the Spirit – Will not agree on everything, a Priority on the important things.


How Will I Show God’s Love as a Member of a Church?

The Bible flies in the face of American individualism and church consumerism, prompting followers of Christ to ask the question, “Am I committed to a local church where I am sharing life with other followers of Christ in mutual accountability under biblical leadership for the glory of God?’” To follow Christ is to love His church. It is biblically, spiritually, and practically impossible to be a disciple of Christ (much less make disciples of Christ) apart from total devotion to a family of Christians.


As a member of the church, remember that you are not a spectator on the sidelines, but a participant in the mission. So identify where in the church you can best plug into disciple-making. I would suggest Small groups


As you look across the church as a whole and your small group in particular, consider what things you can do to build up the body of Christ and what you will do to make sure that you have people who are watching out for your life in Christ. Identify specific ways that you will clearly express that love of Christ in and through the church.