How Will I Share God’s Love as a Witness in the World?

God’s will in the world and for our lives is to spread His gospel, grace, and glory to all peoples. Instead of asking what God’s will is for our lives, disciples of Jesus ask, “How can my life align with His will for me to be His witness in the world?” Every person that God has graciously put around you is a sinner eternally in need of a Savior. You were once that person, yet someone intentionally sought you out to share the gospel with you. And now this is the purpose for which God has graciously created, saved, and blessed you. So with the Word of God in your mouth and the Spirit of God in your heart, end your quest to find God’s will by deciding today to follow it.

1. Who?
Take some time to write down the names of three, five, or maybe ten unbelievers God has placed in your life. Then begin praying specifically for God, through the power of His Spirit, to draw them to His salvation and to use you share the gospel with them.

Matthew 22:37-40

Are you going to Hell?
If you said NO, and it is true, then it is because someone loved a neighbor enough to share the truth of the Gospel of Jesus with you.  They shared the gospel with you and the Holy Spirit was convicting of sin and you responded, by saying “Jesus, I will do what you tell me!”

2. How?
Think through how, in the context of where you live, work, and play, and with the people God has put in your sphere of influence, you can begin to speak intentionally about God’s character, man’s sin, Christ’s provision, and our need to respond to that provision.  Identify how you might most effectively share the gospel with the people you identified above.

Matthew 28:19 – Going

Jesus Examples of Going!

  • John 4 – Woman at the Well
  • Mark 5 – Woman with blood issues

3. When?
It is wise to consider when you will actively share Christ’s love by creating opportunities to tell people about Jesus.  As you think about the people you identified above, consider when you might intentionally share the gospel with them (i.e. over a meal, during an activity together, after inviting them to a worship gather, etc.)

As you live daily!
It will become part of who you are, because you are submitting to Christ!

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