How Will I Fuel My Affections for God?

There is a dangerous tendency for discipline in the disciple’s life to become mechanical and monotonous. Our aim is not simply to know God; our aim is to love God, and the more we read His Word, the more we delight in His glory. Our aim in other spiritual disciplines is similar. As we worship, pray, fast, and give, we fuel affection for God. It is impossible to separate true faith in Christ from profound feelings for Christ. So as disciples of Jesus, we intentionally worship, pray, fast, and give in order to fuel affection for God.

1. How will I worship?
Consider intentional ways that you might focus on worship in every facet of your life. Then consider what priority you will place on weekly worship together with the church. And SMILE, because God loves you!

Luke 10:27

Revelation 22:8-9  – “Worship God”

Romans 12:1-2

2. How will I pray?
What will be your place and when will be your time simply to be with the Father? Concentrated prayer at a specific time is the best fuel for continual prayer all the time. Simply setting aside this time and place will substantially change your life as a disciple of Jesus.

Matthew 6:6-15

Luke 5:15-16

Matthew 26:36

3. How will I fast?
Once a week, or once every few weeks, instead of eating breakfast, lunch, or dinner, spend that hour praying and reading God’s Word.

Do NOT fast as a way to pay PENANCE or EARN something!
Do NOT go long periods with out food!

Matthew 6:16-21

The only way to disciple someone else is to be a disciple!

Romans 10:13 – Call upon Jesus

John 15:14